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          NARO Production Sp. z o.o.              
          ul.Twardowskiego 18                           phone +48 603 933 202
Szczecin, Poland                    email available by phone

        We offer the Pallet Tables manufactured by our company.

这包括所有的设备,生产仪器仪表,生产 图纸和专利权。
另外,也可以购买的许可证的选定区域, 例如仅一个状态或整个欧洲或亚洲等
此次出售的原因是着眼于下一个发明,主 要是在航运业的必要性。
有兴趣的公司被要求为电话联系+48 603 933 202,那么我们就可以通过电子邮件联系。
该专利的老板阿布拉莫  ,会讲英语。

    Currently, the production and trade with the pallet tables are offered up for sale.
    This include all equipment, production instrumentation, production drawings and patent rights.
    The whole will be sold to the company offering the highest payment. It is also possible to purchase
    the licenses for the selected regions,
for example only one state or entire Europe or Asia, etc.
    The sale's reason is the necessity of focusing on the next inventions.
    The interested companies are asked for the phone contact, then we will be able to contact by e-mails.
    The patent's owner , +48 603 933 202 speaks English.


The Pallet Tables mainly serve to store the pallets on and under them. 

We offer two versions - the euro and the large pallet tables. They are 

a novelty under our patent and only available from our company. 

The use of pallet tables in your company will free a considerable 

amount of space occupied by pallets. This in turn will provide 

benefits in terms of organization, transportation and work safety, 

as well as will make it easier to access the pallets for removal 

or insertion of items, etc. Shortly saying - the pallet tables will 

provide economic benefits.