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Pallet table delivery and assembly
Pallet tables can be delivered assembled or disassembled.

The setting-up of a pallet table, if it was delivered assembled.

M1. We set-up the pallet table with the aid of attached links with hooks.

The assembly of a pallet table, if it was delivered disassembled.

  M2. One should place one of the frames on the
          floor and then insert the legs from the top
          into the seats.
  M3. Next, we lift the frame up with 
          the aid of a fork lift.


M4. When the frame is at an appropriate height, we fasten the legs with fastening screws.

  M5. Fastening of legs to the frame. We unscrew one
   screw entirely, and then we visually match-up the holes
   in the seats and legs with one another. Next, we
   tighten up the three remaining screws. Then we fasten
   the previous screw once more and tighten all screws.
 M6. At last we simultaneously tighten the two pressing
  screws. The threads in the seats are tightly threaded, so
  that the pressing screws do not become loose due to
  vibrations. For this reason tightening all pressing screws
  requires more strength than is needed when fastening
  normal screws. 


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