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         NARO Production Sp. z o.o.           
         ul.Twardowskiego 18                           phone +48 603 933 202
         70-320 Szczecin, Poland                    email available by phone


         General Information

            Inquiries, Prices, Orders, Payments, Goods Dispatch
            Warranty, Complaints & Returns, Additional Information.

Inquiries – the blank form Link can be used.

Prices – provided upon customer request. Prices are dependent on 

              order size and can change due to fluctuations in currency exchange 

              rates and steel prices. Transport costs are added to Invoices.

Orders – the blank form available under each product Link can be used.

Payments – payable before goods are dispatch, a Pro Forma Invoice 

                     is issued first and later a normal Invoice after payment.

Goods Dispatch – goods are dispatch when the payment is transferred to our bank account. 

                            An approximate goods dispatch date is provided on the Pro Forma Invoice.

Warranty – our goods come with a 1 year warranty, starting from the date of 

                    purchase. Nullification of the warranty occurs in cases where the good 

                    was used contrary to what it was designed for or when it is damaged 

                    through careless use. Proof of warranty is the purchase invoice.
Complaints & Returns – we give consideration to well-founded order discrepancies. 

                  In the case of returns one should coordinate the delivery method with us. 

                 Complaints do not concern goods damaged due to faulty assembly. The full 

                 value of the goods cannot be returned. Complaints for goods damaged 

                 during transport should be directed to the transportation company.

Additional Information. We are seeking retail and wholesale distributors. 

                 We do not grant any companies exclusive rights for selling our products.

In trade contacts we prefer communicating in English, but if it is necessary 

                 for other languages we can use our translator.